Paul writes in Romans 12 that our worship should be "true and proper" - so how do we do that? And what exactly IS worship, anyway? This teaching series sets out to explore what the Bible has to say about worship, and runs alongside our home groups using the Whole Life Worship study material from LICC.

Here are the titles and scripture passages, along with MP3's of each sermon so that you can listen again.

Date Title Scripture Download
Jan 14 2018 Worship in the beginning Genesis 2-4 MP3
Jan 28 Worship and faith: Abraham Genesis 18, 22 MP3
Feb 4 Worship in the sanctuary: one God, one place Deuteronomy 12-18 MP3
Feb 11 Three worshipping kings: Saul, David, Solomon 1 Sam 10, 2 Sam 6, 1 Kings 8 MP3
Feb 25 Worship in Psalms - 1 Psalm 1 MP3
Mar 4 Worship in Psalms - 2 Psalm 51 MP3
Mar 18 When worship goes bad Malachi 3 MP3
Mar 25 Worshipping the coming King Luke 19:28-44 MP3
Apr 1 Worshipping the risen King Luke 24