Living on the Frontline

The Sermon on the Mount contains many helpful guidelines for how a Christian is to behave and live out their daily life on the frontline. This series explores what Jesus taught and how we should live.

Here are the titles and scripture passages, along with MP3's of each sermon so that you can listen again.

Date Title Scripture Download
Sept 10 2017 Introduction and background Matthew 4:17,23 MP3
Sept 24 A Christian’s character and influence Matthew 5:1-16 MP3
Oct 8 A Christian’s righteousness shown in behaviour Matthew 5:17-30 MP3
Oct 15 A Christian’s righteousness shown in relationships Matthew 5:31-48 MP3
Oct 22 A Christian’s religion Matthew 6:1-18 MP3
Oct 29 A Christian’s ambition Matthew 6:19-34 MP3
Nov 12 A Christian’s relationships within God’s family Matthew 7:1-20 MP3
Nov 26 A Christian’s commitment Matthew 7:21-29 MP3