What Christ thinks of his church

The book of Revelation records for us letters to seven different churches. Each contains good and bad, praise and warnings. As we study what Christ has to say to those early churches, we must also examine ourselves to see what he may be saying to us today.

Here are the titles and scripture passages, along with MP3's of each sermon so that you can listen again.

Date Title Scripture Download
Apr 15 2018 The revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 1:1-8 MP3
Apr 29 John's vision of Jesus Christ Revelation 1:9-20 MP3
May 6 Ephesus : Rediscover your first love Revelation 2:1-7 MP3
May 13 Smyrna : Be faithful, even in suffering Revelation 2:8-11 MP3
Jun 3 Pergamum : Hold on to the truth Revelation 2:12-17 MP3
Jun 24 Thyatira : Live holy lives Revelation 2:18-29 MP3
Jul 8 Sardis : Be real in your Christian lives Revelation 3:1-6 MP3
Jul 22 Philadelphia : Seize the opportunity while you can Revelation 3:7-13 MP3
Jul 29 Laodicea : Follow Jesus wholeheartedly Revelation 3:14-22 MP3