This autumn we are taking a look at the work of rebuilding, as documented in the Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah. The series will explore what led to the exile of God's people in Babylon, their subsequent liberation and return to Jerusalem, and how God used his servants to rebuild the city, the temple, and their worship. Yet despite all this the people slide back into sinful ways and practices. There is plenty for us to learn, and plenty of warning signs for us to look out for too!

Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
Sep 18 Introduction, decline and fall Jer 7:1-11, 2 Chr 36:15-21 Chris Martin MP3
Sep 25 Living in exile Lam 1:1-4, 3:19-33, Jer 29:1-7 Jim Davis MP3
Oct 2 The temple rebuilt Ezra 1-6 John Martin MP3
Oct 16 New hope, old problems Ezra 7-10 Martin Erwin MP3
Oct 23 Responding to need Neh 1-2 Howard Jackson MP3
Oct 30 Responding to opposition Neh 3-6 Jonathan Steeds MP3
Nov 6 Responding to God's word Neh 8-9, 12:27-47 Andy Battle MP3
Nov 20 Same old same old Neh 13, Mal 1-2 Philip Amos MP3
Nov 27 The solution Mal 3-4 Ian Burness MP3