They were ordinary people, most of whom would not make headlines in any other history book but God’s. Yet these women of the Old Testament made critical choices that led to extraordinary results. Through faith and strong character they rescued their families, led people out of bondage, gave birth to kings, and saved the entire nation. Each one demonstrated the far-reaching consequences of everyday actions and we can learn a lot from them. Join us this autumn as we look at their example.

Date Study Speaker Listen
Sep 26 2021 Miriam Mike Hencher MP3
Oct 3 Rahab John Martin MP3
Oct 10 Ruth and Naomi Steve Loader MP3
Oct 24 Hannah Matt Bater MP3
Oct 31 Abigail Jonathan Steeds MP3
Nov 7 The Shunammite woman Andrew Conlan MP3
Nov 21 Sarah and Hagar Philip Amos MP3
Nov 28 Esther Chris Martin MP3