Both Old and New Testaments sometimes refer to God as "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" But what do we really know about these characters? What was their experience of God, and how did it affect the decisions and path they took in life? By exploring selected passages from Genesis which document their lives, we can learn more about how we should view life and our relationship with Almighty God. The series will also incorporate Jacob's son Joseph - the one whose life was far more colourful than just his famous coat!

Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
Sep 24 2023 Abraham - call and fall Genesis 12 Alan Dickson MP3
Oct 1 Abraham - promise and patience Genesis 15-17 Matt Bater MP3
Oct 15 Abraham - trust and testing Genesis 22 Steve Loader MP3
Oct 22 Isaac - family and inheritance Genesis 25-26 Martin Erwin MP3
Oct 29 Jacob - schemer and dreamer Genesis 27-28 John Aitken MP3
Nov 5 Jacob - wrestling and submission Genesis 32-33 Ian Lewis MP3
Nov 19 Joseph - dreams and temptations Genesis 37, 39 Hugh Seager MP3
Dec 3 Joseph - interpretation and elevation Genesis 40-41 Adam Rose MP3
Dec 10 Joseph - revelation and restoration Genesis 45, 50 Nigel White MP3