Through Summer 2022 we are taking a look at 1 Corinthians, the first letter Paul wrote to the Christians in Corinth. The Corinthian church was encountering some difficult problems, mostly of their own making. Paul writes to explain what a church is about, based on the fundamental topic of the gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ. Rather than studying the letter chapter by chapter, our studies will focus on two different aspects of Paul's message.

The foundational good news of the Gospel
This good news of the Gospel is founded upon the cross of Jesus and is built up by God's wisdom dispensed through the Holy Spirit, leading to the assurance of future resurrection.

Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
May 8 2022 The message of the cross 1:18-31 Jonathan Steeds MP3
May 15 God's wisdom revealed 2:1-16 Matt Bater MP3
May 22 Ultimate hope in resurrection 15:1-8, 12-20, 50-58 Jim Davis MP3
The Church is the embodiment of the Gospel
The Church is the body of Christ on earth and so has the responsibility of proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. The most compelling way to demonstrate the good news is in the daily life of the Church and its members. However this is often a demanding ask...
Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
Jun 19 The church is a building site 3:1-23 Nigel White MP3
Jun 26 Our rights are superceded 8:7-13, 9:19-27 Andrew Conlan MP3
Jul 3 Temptation and resistance 10:1-13, 23-33 David Williamson MP3
Jul 10 The Lord’s Supper 10:14-22, 11:17-32 John Martin Missing - sorry!
Jul 17 Unity in diversity 12:1-31 Alan Dickson MP3
Jul 24 Love qualifies the gifts 13:1-13 Mike Hencher MP3
Jul 31 Intelligible worship 14:1-40 Howard Jackson MP3
Aug 7 Responsibility for others 16:1-18 Chris Martin MP3
In summary...
Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
Aug 14 Looking back 1:1-9 John Martin MP3