The twelve disciples. Perhaps because we feel we know them well, we can sometimes overlook the obvious fact that they were just twelve normal people like us. Yes, they saw and heard some amazing things, but like us they also made mistakes sometimes, spoke without thinking on occasion, and took a while to learn the lessons Jesus was teaching them. As we revisit incidents in the lives of these twelve men, maybe we'll learn more about ourselves and become better equipped to be modern-day disciples of the same unchanging Lord Jesus.

Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
Jan 8 2023 Andrew: Bringing others to Jesus John 1:35-42 Matt Bater MP3
Jan 15 Simon Peter: Defending (and rebuking) the Saviour Mark 1:16-20, 8:27-38 Clover Todman MP3
Jan 22 Matthew: Drawing in the outcast Matthew 9:9-13 Nigel White MP3
Jan 29 James: Hating our enemies Luke 9:51-56; Acts 12:1-2 Chris Martin MP3
Feb 5 Philip: Learning to trust John 6:1-13 Howard Jackson MP3
Feb 19 John: Seeking to be the greatest Matthew 20:20-28 Steve Loader MP3
Feb 26 Thomas: Leaving doubt behind John 20:19-29 Jonathan Steeds MP3
Mar 5 Nathanael: Developing spiritual insight John 1:43-51 Adam Rose MP3
Mar 19 Judas Iscariot: Turning away Matthew 26:14-30, 47-50; 27:1-10 Paul Brind MP3
Mar 26 Three Others: Faithful to the end Luke 18:18-30 Andy Battle MP3