The Bible book of Acts is sometimes referred to as the Acts of the Apostles. An alternative title could be the Acts of the Holy Spirit, or better yet as the author Luke himself clearly viewed it, the continuing Acts of Jesus Christ. Despite returning to heaven early in the first chapter, Luke wants us to see that Jesus is central to everything that unfolds through the book: life-changing encounters, miracles of deliverance and healing, and the empowering of the church to continue his ministry on earth.

The pages of Acts are packed full of enthralling narratives, encouraging encounters and even some serious warnings. Whilst not a blueprint for "the ideal church" and not something that can be directly replicated, there are many lessons to be learnt and positive examples to follow.

We studied the first half of the book (up to chapter 12) in the summer of 2023, then after a break returned to the second half at the start of 2024.

Date Title Passage Speaker Listen
May 21 2023 Luke's story continues Acts 1 Chris Martin MP3
May 28 Wind and fire Acts 2:1-41 Ian Burness MP3
Jun 4 Restoration and refreshment Acts 2:42-3:26 Hugh Seager MP3
Jun 25 Clash of loyalties Acts 4:1-31 Jonathan Steeds MP3
Jul 2 The new community Acts 4:32-5:42 Philip Amos MP3
Jul 16 The family widens Acts 6 John Martin MP3
Jul 23 Stephen tells the story Acts 7:1-8:3 David Williamson MP3
Jul 30 A magician and a finance minister Acts 8:4-40 Steve Loader MP3
Aug 6 Saul encounters Jesus Acts 9:1-31 Howard Jackson MP3
Aug 13 God shows no favouritism Acts 9:32-10:48 Paul Brind MP3
Aug 20 Controversy and vindication Acts 11 Andy Battle MP3
Aug 27 The true King rules Acts 12 Chris Martin MP3
Jan 7 2024 Commissioned for service Acts 13 Chris Martin MP3
Jan 21 Open doors and opposition Acts 14 Andy Battle MP3
Jan 28 Dealing with disputes Acts 15 Alan Dickson MP3
Feb 4 Into new territory Acts 16 Alan Ashworth MP3
Feb 18 Among the philosophers Acts 17 Jim Davis MP3
Feb 25 Staying put and travelling on Acts 18 Matt Bater MP3
Mar 3 Clash of powers Acts 19 Andy Stammers MP3
Mar 17 Meetings and farewells Acts 20:1-21:14 John Aitken MP3
Mar 24 Showdown in Jerusalem Acts 21:15-22:30 Steve Loader MP3
Apr 7 Schemes and rescues Acts 23-24 Philip Amos MP3
Apr 21 Appeal to Caesar Acts 25-26 Ian Burness MP3
Apr 28 Voyage to Rome Acts 27-28 Jonathan Steeds MP3