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Re:build - Nehemiah's Vision For Change

God weaves the irresistible thread of his sovereign will and purpose through human history. He is in ultimate control. In both the despondency of failure and the heady highs of victory, God is always one step ahead, all things working for the good of those who love him.

As Nehemiah hears of the plight of the holy city, he cries out in pain and confession to God. Everything lay in ruins; but as we know, God has a habit of bringing restoration out of ruin. God used Nehemiah to convey a vision for change in Jerusalem; and so began a journey that would see Nehemiah take his place within the thread of history, the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt, and the name of God glorified again.

Here are the studies, along with MP3's of each sermon so that you can listen again.

Date Title Download
January 10 The cry of a desperate heart
Nehemiah chapter 1
January 17 The preparation of a diligent servant
Nehemiah chapter 2
January 24 The importance of a dedicated team
Nehemiah chapter 3
January 31 The opposition of a determined few
Nehemiah chapters 4 & 6
February 14 The evidence of a deep integrity
Nehemiah chapter 5
February 21 The need of a divine perspective
Nehemiah chapters 8-10
February 28 The emergence of a devoted community
Nehemiah chapters 7, 11 & 12
March 7 The influence of a determined leader
Nehemiah chapter 13