Sladebrook Evangelical Church

Hot Potatoes:
Hot to touch, hard to answer

Have you ever wondered why you believe what you believe? Have you ever even stopped to think about it?

Hot Potatoes will ask some of the tough questions about what people choose to believe and why.

Intended to challenge, it may even change the way you think.

Here are the studies, along with MP3's of each sermon so that you can listen again.

Date Title Download
January 13 2008 Who? - The question of God
Who made God?  Why doesn't He show Himself?
January 20 2008 Which? - The question of religion
Aren't all religions basically the same?  What makes Christianity right?
January 27 2008 Why? - The question of suffering
If God is love, why is the world suffering?  Why didn't God just start again?
February 10 2008 What? - The question of free will
If sin is so bad, why does it feel good?  Why did God give us choice if He knew we'd get it wrong?
February 17 2008 When? - The question of guidance
Why don't my prayers get answered?  How can I know what God wants for my life?
February 24 2008 Where? - The question of miracles
Should we expect miracles?  Why don't all sick people get healed?