Sladebrook Evangelical Church
Getting to Grips with God

Getting to Grips with God

How our understanding of God changes everything.
"... For this God is our God ..." Psalm 48 v14

In this series of Sunday morning talks, we are introduced to the magnificent doctrine of God. Often trivialised (and certainly simplified), Christian faith and maturity depends on an ever-increasing appreciation of who God is and what He has done.
As well as "getting to grips with God", we will also attempt to loosen our grip on what God is not, dispelling some commonly held misunderstandings. It is hoped that with Scripture as our guide and with the Holy Spirit's help, we will discover more about the God we worship, and seek to apply this knowledge in our Christian walk and witness.
Here are the studies, along with MP3's of each sermon.

Date Title Listen Read
Honouring the Father
September 14 2014 Who God is (and isn't) MP3 Sermon notes
September 21 2014 God in God's own words MP3 Sermon notes
September 28 2014 Finding the Father's heart MP3 Sermon notes
Following the Son
October 12 2014 Why Jesus changes everything MP3 Sermon notes
October 19 2014 Finding acceptance in Christ MP3 Sermon notes
October 26 2014 Jesus and His Church MP3 Sermon notes
Welcoming the Spirit
November 23 2014 Who is the Holy Spirit? MP3 Sermon notes
November 30 2014 Ministries and manifestations of the Spirit MP3 Sermon notes
December 7 2014 How should the Spirit work in me? MP3 Sermon notes