Sladebrook Evangelical Church

Faith To Follow

Jesus invites us to follow Him. However, having faith to follow Christ is challenging and requires change. In this series we looked at Jesus' own example, to help us as we seek to come to terms with the Call of Christ on our own lives.

Here are the studies, along with MP3's of each sermon so that you can listen again.

Date Title Download
Jan 9 2011 Fresh Bread
Following Jesus in loving God's Word
John 17:6-17
Jan 16 2011 Going Deeper
Following Jesus in Baptism and beyond
Luke 3:21-22
Jan 23 2011 To Boldly Go...
Following Jesus in Praying Powerfully
Matthew 6:9-13
Jan 30 2011 Where Next?
Following Jesus in wanting God's Will
Luke 22:39-46
Feb 13 2011 Fanning the Flame
Following Jesus in Faith-fuelled Living
Mark 2:1-5
Feb 20 2011 Staying in Step
Following Jesus in the Spirit-filled life
John 14:15-27
Feb 27 2011 Real Relationships
Following Jesus in Forgiving others fully
Matthew 6:14-15
Mar 13 2011 War of the Worlds
Following Jesus in Overcoming Evil
John 3:16-21
Mar 20 2011 Whispers, Worries and Wobbles
Following Jesus in dealing with doubt
John 20:24-31
Mar 20 2011 The Challenge of the Church
Following Jesus in Giving it our all
Matthew 16:13-20